About Alyson Lolli Photography
Hi! Thank you for visiting my page. 
I'm the Alyson behind Alyson Lolli Photography. Things you will probably learn about me in the first 5 minutes of meeting me are that I'm Italian (yes, I talk with my hands), I'm from the Midwest (love the people, hate the weather), I'm a mom to three crazy kiddos, and I'm a military spouse who has moved all over the country, but am on round two at JBSA and bought a house in Marion, Texas near New Braunfels and Northeast San Antonio! Oh, and coffee. Not sure I can function without some caffeine in the morning!
Things that might not be as apparent are that I'm passionate about my faith and living it out the best way possible. I care about people. All people. I think our differences are what make us special and unique. I believe that true acceptance is not only acknowledging someone's differences, but seeing the beauty in those differences. This is where my art, my camera, come in. 
Why Custom? 
How could I not create custom portraits for each of my clients? Each client is unique which means each session is unique. I love taking the time to learn about each person that comes to me for portraits. What are your interests? What are your favorite activities as a family? What do you want to be when you grow up? Your favorite sport? Let's include your interests, your life, into your session. 
Why Design? 
I view each and every portrait session as a unique design challenge. My background is in design, including holding a Masters of Architecture degree. My decades in the architecture field taught me how to approach and solve all different design problems. I am trained to pay attention to details. I bring that knowledge into my photography. I design each session WITH my clients, not for my clients. You are a crucial member of the design team. By working together, we will create beautiful, custom art of you and your family or business for you to enjoy for generations to come!
Why Art?
For me, I do not just click a button and snap a picture. I view my photography as my art. It is the way I express myself and my creativity. It is my privilege to use my talent and skills to create art for you that is you. I want you see how beautiful you and your family are to me.
Why an Experience?
Memories are tied to our senses. When you leave your session with Alyson Lolli Photography, you will have a visual reminder of our time together. When you look at your beautiful canvas or flip through your custom album, I want you to remember how much fun we had during your session, to remember how beautiful you felt, and how your heart swelled with pride watching your newborn or high school senior. The images you leave with are more than a generic print from a box store, they are memories and moments, and I want them to be the best possible. 
Alyson Lolli Photography is a proud member of the Professional Photographers of America.

Whether you are looking for family, newborn, maternity, high school senior, corporate headshots or business branding, Alyson Lolli Photography appreciates your time and consideration. 
Thank you.
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