"Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in your heart." 
A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh
Lifestyle Newborn with baby-led, natural posing
Lifestyle Newborn
Lifestyle Newborn sessions are in your home. Your home is where you create those connections that are so important for your newborn and family. It is where you are most comfortable instead of some studio stuffed with props used for every other newborn that comes in. Alyson Lolli Photography works with the items (blankets, outfits, accessories) that you have to ensure that each image is not only beautiful, but also holds the sentimental value you cherish.  Just because the lifestyle newborn session is in your home, doesn't mean it takes less thought. It many ways, it takes more because each session is 100% custom. Together, we focus on moments as a family in the space that matters the most to you. 
Lifestyle Newborn family connections
Family Connection and the Details
In many ways, a Lifestyle Newborn session is an extension of Alyson Lolli Photography's Fresh 48 sessions. Alyson focuses on capturing the same connections with in the family as well as all of the little details. In a Lifestyle Newborn session, we are relaxed and take our time. Alyson loves the snuggles with Mom and Dad, as well as all of the little details that make your newborn unique - from the top of her head to the tips of his toes.
Baby-Led, Natural Posing with Wraps Poses
In a Lifestyle Newborn session, the focus is always on letting the newborn lead. However, Alyson Lolli Photography is also skilled with wrapping techniques. Many times a good wrap or swaddle allows the newborn to relax and go to sleep, feeling nice and snug within the wrap. Therefore, Alyson allows for a variety of images to capture all of the littles expressions and character of your newborn from un-wrapped, baby-led, natural poses to secure and beautiful wrapped poses. 
In-home, newborn session with wrapped poses
In-Home Newborn with Your Props
Alyson Lolli Photography does offer in-home newborn session where the focus is more on wrapped poses. You receive the same high-quality posing and styling of a studio session within the relaxed comfort of your home along with the uniqueness of your props.  Alyson discusses and helps design your vision for this custom newborn session. Do you have a special stuffed animal you would like to incorporate? Is it near a holiday that is special to you? Do you prefer a clean and minimalist style? Through the consultation beforehand, Alyson determines exactly what is needed and can help supplement to ensure a cohesive vision. It is about doing what is most comfortable for you and alleviating stress and worry so all you need to do during the session is sit there and enjoy!
Infant Sessions
Infant sessions range from 3 months to 1 year. The time between a newborn and toddler goes by so fast. A beautiful infant session is a wonderful way to remember all ways in which your sweet baby changes that first year. Infant sessions are available as a stand alone session or as an add-on to a Birth Story or Newborn session and are a wonderful reminder in a First Year Album. 
Those super sleepy, squishy days are fleeting. Alyson Lolli Photography would be honored to create lasting images for you to remember your littlest ones' first expressions. 

Alyson Lolli Photography is based in Marion, Texas and is available to travel throughout the San Antonio and New Braunfels area for these custom, in-home sessions.
Please inquire for full details and additional information.
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