Experience Matters
Alyson Lolli Photography has photographed hundreds of Fresh 48 sessions across the United States in countless hospitals, even for other photographers. Alyson knows how to find the light and use the angles of each hospital room to capture the best custom images of this fleeting time with your new baby. 
Alyson's experience also allows her to accomplish these sessions in a minimal amount of time allowing you to maximize the time you need to rest, heal and prepare to go home. Babies change so quickly in the first few weeks of life. A Custom Fresh 48 session is perfect way to remember the beauty of your sweet baby in the first 48 hours (when are you most likely too exhausted yourself to remember). Let Alyson Lolli Photography take care of all of the details for you!
Fresh 48 custom photography
Your Baby, Your Props
One of the best parts of a Fresh 48 Session is that no two sessions are exactly the same even if they are in the exact same hospital room. The reason is that Alyson Lolli Photography utilizes what you bring. The only prop Alyson brings is a bowl that is cleaned and disinfected before and after every use. Any special blandkets, stuffed animals, flowers, balloons, signs that are in the room are what Alyson uses throughout the session.  

This serves two purposes: One, safety is always the top factor. Alyson will not do anything that jeopardizes the health and safety of your newborn. This includes reusing props. Many times sessions can be on the same day which means only the bowl is reused since it can be cleaned between uses. Alyson is also fully vaccinated, including up-to-date on all boosters to the same standards as all hospital employees. Second, it allows your session to be about your and your baby and fully custom
Fresh 48 flowers
Hospital Bassinets
The quintessential piece of furniture that unmistakably identifies a Fresh 48 session is the plastic bassinet. The bassinet is great because it is so versatile. There are so many angles and ways to photograph your sweet babe that set a Fresh 48 session apart from a studio newborn session.
Fresh 48 baby face
Your Family
You are exhausted. You've worked hard to bring your little into the world and the last thing you think you want is to be photographed. Don't deny being part of the session. You are beautiful and amazing, and you will regret it if you are not in the very first images with your baby. One of the best parts of a Fresh 48 session is capturing those first moments when you, your spouse and even your other children meet the newest addition to your family.
Fresh 48 family
 All of the Details
From the tip of his head to bottom of her feet, Alyson Lolli Photography captures all of the details of your sweet baby.
Fresh 48 baby head in hands
Baby Faces
It is always fascinating to see the numerous expressions fresh baby will make. It is one of the greatest honors to be able to document these for you and your family to enjoy for generations.
Fresh 48 baby face with bow
"Whenever and however you give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body, and your spirit for the rest of your life."
Ina May Gaskin
Birth Story
​​​​​​​It is the greatest honor to document your birth story experience: from labor, through delivery, to a Fresh 48. My philosophy regarding birth and birth photography is that it is your, the mother's, BIRTHday. It is indescribably unique, yet the road getting there is difficult and exhausting. It is about you and the baby. The photographer is there to blend into the background, stay out of the way and capture the moments. I am, personally, a natural birthing momma who appreciates a calm, supportive, mother-baby focused birth environment. I bring that attitude into my photography regardless of how you choose to birth.
Birth Story first look
Due to the intimate nature of birth photography and respect for my clients privacy, many images are not shared on the internet. Please schedule an in-person consultation for additoinal images and information, including information on multi-session bundles. Perhaps you would like to add a Maternity or In-home Newborn Session.
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